Frequently Asked Questions

What is New About Socially Luxe?

We offer Luxury Brands to become Social Members to our Gifting Suites!

Product placement for our Elite Socially Luxe Members will have exclusive access to your products and brand advertising during our event with locations ranging from Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Florida, Nashville, Hawaii and many more.

Our events are one of a kind, giving you competitive prices year-round.

What is The Difference Between Placing Our Product With Socially Luxe Verses Familiar Gifting Suite Companies Whom Has Access to Celebrity Venues?

Like any established or growing company, their goal is to expand their reach to new-targeted audiences in order to increase brand awareness, sales, product placement and credibility. This means, we will continually increase our membership by offering guests the chance to be a part of Socially Luxe with a 50% off discount, while offering Luxury Brands to place their products with us at an amazing competitive price. 

I Want To Represent My Company By Attendance Without Placing Our Products At Your Event. What Are The Other Alternatives We Can Choose From To Convey Our Message To SL Members?

We understand that your personal presence speaks for itself. Just set up an appointment with us and we can discuss options that will best suit your needs before and during our event. 

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